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Donguibogam Village(Oriental Medicine Theme Park)

Donguibogam Village
(Oriental Medicine Theme Park)
산청 동의보감촌


A variety of herbal plants have grown in the clean air and fresh water of Sancheong. There is good air and water as well as an abundance of herbs, so it is no wonder that the famous physician Heo Jun came here to develop his medical skills. At 480m on Wansan Mountain, there is a large-scale resort called Donguibogam Village.

It has an expo theme hall, Herbal Museum, a herbal theme park, a traditional Korean medicine theme park, Heo Jun Trail and many themed attractions and restaurants. Lately, many visitors come for the anti-aging experience program that uses traditional Korean medicine essence. Talking about this place, one thing must be mentioned: energy (氣). It is said that the energy of Baekdudaegan Mountain accumulates on Pilbong Mountain and Wangsan Mountain. Donguibogam Village, which is situated right there, has three huge stones that are full of energy: “Guigamseok,” “Seokgyeong” and “Bokseokjeong.” They are said to radiate health, luck and other positive energy and attract many people from all over the country. They come to train or meditate near the stones, do gymnastics and participate in the anti-aging experience program. If you take the opportunity to try the program, you can feel the energy of the stones. Donguijeon was built after the model of Gyeongbukgung Palace. There, visitors can marvel at Jirisan Mountain while lying and healing on hot beds made of hundreds of yellow clay stones. Also, they can drink traditional Korean medicine tea and make scented sachets containing angelica root, ginger, dried clove buds, mint and other ingredients.

Approaching traditional Korean medicine

The medical museum at Sancheong consists of “Donguibogam Hall” and “Traditional Korean Medicine Experience Hall.” Donguibogam Hall has more than 170 medicine-related relics on display, while the Experience Hall offers information on how to differentiate and combine medical herbs.


Hemispheres and meridians have been made into audiovisual materials for better understanding and an old medical institution has been transformed into a set. In the Herbal Park, hundreds of medical herbs allow visitors to satisfy their curiosity. When you visit the Expo Exhibition Hall you can rent doctors' and nurse uniforms from the Joseon Dynasty. Right next door you can try an herbal foam hand massage. In traditional Korean medicine the hand or foot is considered to be a miniature of the human body. After a five-minute massage with the dense foam, the herbal effect enters the skin and not only regenerates the hands but also helps the entire body. After various activities, it is time to seek comfort in the forest. Heo Jun Trail is a walk along various scenes including a forest, herb garden, deer ranch and overpass. In autumn especially, when the white Siberian chrysanthemum is in bloom, it offers a magnificent view.


  • +82-55-970-7216
  • 09:00~18:00 Donguibogam Village (open all year), Museum (closed on Mondays, New Year's Day and national holidays)
  • Medical uniform experience 3,000 won
    Traditional Korean medicine healing (30 min) 5,000 won
    Scented sachet making experience 5,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017