Herb Lab Bom Dong
약다방 봄동


The name already indicates that this place doesn't serve just traditional tea. It serves medical teas that match individual physical states. It was founded by a group of young experts and practitioners of traditional Korean medicine who were questioning whether a short evaluation of a patient, a quick diagnosis and a prescription were enough. They thought of ways to communicate with their patients and came up with the idea of a cafe. And after two years they had created medical tea. They settled down in an old residential house and run a traditional Korean medicine clinic in the basement as well as a cafe on the ground and upper floors.

In the cafe, visitors can drink the carefully prepared tea. There are largely two kinds: “6 Roots,” which is good for physical symptoms, and “48 Vitals,” which is a special mental supporter. Since a medical doctor is always present, it is easy to ask for advice. “6 Roots” strengthens the core that is the root of the body, resulting in more life energy. It is divided into six types, depending on physical condition. For a cup of “48 Vitals” you have to choose one of 48 types in order to get an effective individual tea. For example, if you make a certain choice because you suffer from a weak heart, stomach or kidneys and your current state of mind tends towards being arrogant and greedy, you will get a tea that fits your status. The menu helps you make an accurate choice.

Special activities to improve your health

At Herb Lab Bom Dong you can participate in a special activity program that helps you maintain an active lifestyle. It is called “Bangha Trek” and is a program where a trek manager leads you through inner city parks or forests to heal. What's special is that you can learn professional activity methods, like walking on numbers and reading, while wearing an original band developed by the lab as you're breathing fresh air in a thick forest.

The participants are usually physically weak people who want to improve, medical patients, and people who feel the need to do sports but don't. They meet every Saturday in a nut pine forest in Gapyeong, a cypress tree forest in Jangseong, or on Simhaksan Mountain in Pangyo. Upon reservation, English, Japanese and Chinese-speaking trek managers are available for foreign tourists.

Have a drink at Tinc, a bar that serves medical alcohol

There's another fun factor at Herb Lap BomDong. It has medical alcohol. At Tinc they serve healthy medical drinks that you won't find anywhere else. It is open from 17:00~23:00 and offers different alcoholic medicinal drinks. People who don't drink alcohol can pay a little extra and order the drinks as ades. Experience something new with medical alcohol in four types of drinks: immune system, vitalization, detox and rejuvenation.


  • +82-70-4639-2221
  • 11:00~23:00 (closed on one Monday every month)
  • Reservations are mandatory (Activity trek)
  • Medical tea KRW 12,000~18,000
    Medical alcohol KRW 9,800~15,800
    Medical ice dessert KRW 14,000
  • Foot bath 10,000 won, Activity treck KRW 50,000
  • 12-13, Worldcupbuk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017