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Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk

Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk
여용국 한방스파


You might think about spas and massages when you feel exhausted like soggy cotton, when you have an aching neck and back because of extensive computer or smartphone usage, or when your skin is irritated due to the change of seasons. After a full body massage you can feel restored and much lighter. In ordinary spa centers you have to choose a program yourself. Places that offer professional spa programs with individual physiological assessments are rare. Here's a place that understands the unique differences in people's physicality and offers individual spa programs.

Custom-made spas according to Sasang physiology

Yeo Yong Guk was founded after the ideology of the tale of Yeo Yong Guk, which contains the saying that a woman takes care of her face like a king takes care of a country. At Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk, much attention is paid to the fact that everybody has their own physiology. People's physical constitutions are all different, so how can they all be treated with the same massage methods and medications? The facility explains that in order to achieve good results, individual massage methods and medications must be applied to different physical types. It is important to take an O-ring test to determine one's body condition. In this test you form an O with your thumb and index finger, and when something fits you then you'll press the two fingers together hard and when it doesn't, the fingers naturally separate. It indicates what matches your body. According to the test results you receive a spa using traditional Korean medicine ingredients.

In the spa programs, not only the cosmetic products but also the massage types and tools change. For example, if you have a lot of heat in your chest region, a massage that brushes from the heart down is most effective. The method is done to support circulation and fill in what is lacking. Another distinctive thing is that instead of lasers, they use a thin stick called a “hwasa” as a tool. There are three different kinds of “hwasa” depending on the material used, Paekjato, Cheongjato and Ongkito, which are said to have different effects. The tool has a spiky end which is used to poke and massage blood aperture points in the body and face. As a result it feels very refreshing, as if clustered blood particles are loosened up.

A systematic spa system based on traditional Korean medicine

Yeo Yong Guk Korean Spa uses over a hundred natural fermentation plants for optimized skin and body programs. They identify personal physiological types and prepare individual medicine accordingly. They also studied medical plants that have been used in traditional Korean medicine for a long time and developed traditional Korean medicine cosmetic products to use in spas. It's as if you went to a traditional Korean medical clinic and got your own medical prescription.

They have packs that use medical plants, a top restorative traditional medicine called “gongjindan,” Yeo Yong Care that revives skin cells with traditional medicine, treatments for many people's aging and skin troubles, obesity care and treatments for women before and after childbirth. The facility also offers special care programs for pregnant women with sensitive skin or acne, people suffer from chronic fatigue etc.

What's interesting is that Yeo Yong Guk does more than skin care. They stress the point that the skin has to be fundamentally strengthened before going into treatment. They even advise their patients on good and bad food as well as eating habits and everyday life tips according to physical type. It's like receiving detailed lifestyle coaching.


  • +82-2-412-0100
  • 10:00~22:00 (closed on Sundays)
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Face care (50 min) 60,000 won Body part care (40 min) 90,000 won
    Yeo Yong Premium 180,000 won
    Yeo Yong & Full body 250,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017