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Therapy&Spa Sobe

Therapy & Spa Sobe
테라피 스파 소베

The spa is called “sobe” by combining the words “solus” and “bellus” that mean “health” and “beauty.” Spa brand “Therapy & Spa Sobe” pursues the original health and beauty that nature bestowed upon us. The spa conducts endless research on how to provide a precious and comfortable stay to exhausted modern people, which makes it hard for a pa lover to leave this place after a great stay.

Carefully planned program

The beauty of the spa is revealed in the consultation process. While drinking soothing herbal tea such as winter dream, red berry, lemon sky, peppermint and rooibos vanilla, guests discuss their condition, living habits, quality of sleep, body type, and desired treatment results. To ensure the best results, a professionally and systematically trained therapist recommends a program based on the results of the consultation. There are 55 programs in 11 categories including skin improvement, La Stone therapy, hydro-vichy, holism well-aging and sliming. The signature programs include the text neck care that relieves pain from turtle neck syndrome, whole body that helps relax the body and lower stress and hydro-vichy.

Text neck care uses bamboo tree to relax the tense muscles at unreachable spots to increase the mobility of neck joint. The intensity is adjusted to provide different stimulation without causing pain. The whole body program massages the whole body and starts with a foot bath.

Aroma oil is diluted in warm water. Guests soak their feet in the water and rest for 10 minutes, which helps with blood circulation and relaxes the body to increase the effects of the care. The whole body program that starts out with a foot bath lasts for one hour and forty minutes. The aroma sole scrub uses hydro-vichy to apply the scrub product on the entire body and applies water pressure to help the body relax. Steam and far infrared ray is continuously sprayed and LED ray provides color therapy. Music therapy comforts the mind with gentle sounds from nature.

Two things for a premium spa

Stepping into the spa, you feel like giving yourself a gift. The luxurious space feel warm thanks to the soft and subtle lighting. The structure consisting of the lobby, solium, head spa room, seven spa rooms, mom’s room, yoga room and spa cuisine feels like a deep and cozy maze. In the middle of the streamlined corridor is an s-shaped resting space. The spa cuisine at the inner most space consists of three large round tubs lined up in front of the foot bath. The water therapy space that feels like a party room is a place for receiving spa care and enjoying a gathering. Two of the seven spa rooms are for couples.

Therapy & Spa Sobe uses luxurious brand products that all spa lovers enjoy including Mary Cohr, Talion, Vrelain, Anubis and Biologique Recherche. Biologique Recherche, in particular, which boasts excellent effects in skin improvement, is a brand that is very difficult to come across in Korea used at only seven five star hotel spas in Seoul. Space, products and program are comparable to the best hotel spas. Perhaps even better.

Useful Sobe Tips

The membership at Therapy & Spa Sobe can be used as a gift certificate. Payment can be made from a single membership for family and friends. Spa Cuisine is a space that can hold a small party for 6-8 people while receiving therapy. Reserve in advance to enjoy wine and slow food while receiving care.


  • +82-62-416-3000
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Reservation required
  • Whole body (1 hr 40 min) KRW 168,000
    Aroma Sole Body Scrub (1hr 10 min) KRW 150,000
    Text neck care (1 hr) KRW 110,000
    Ayurveda (2 hr) KRW 220,000
    Healthy fit (30 min) KRW 50,000