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Pyeonbaeksoop Healingtopia

Pyeonbaek soop Healingtopia
편백숲 힐링토피아


The reason why people feel refreshed in forests lies in a volatile substance called phytoncide, which is emitted by trees. It not only has a soothing effect on the mind and a supporting effect on the immune system, it is also known to have an antibacterial effect. It also reduces stress and helps with skin troubles such as atopy. Conifers release more phytoncide than trees with large leafs. The best among all trees is said to be the cypress tree.

The power of phytoncide emitted by cypress trees

At Pyeonbaeksoop Healingtopia, you can experience the phytoncide effect in the heart of the city. The gentle scent of cypress meets you right at the door. Most of the interior is made of cypress wood and eco-friendly materials. The facilities include a 4300㎡ large healing center, a cafe, a body type correction center, a walking trail, and a forest garden. A basic healing program course is composed of a hot and cold bedrock bath, a foot bath, and a cypress enzyme spa. The first stop is at the “heat resonance soil bath” (photo 1). Visitors lie down on a hot floor in a room where all four walls are covered in cypress wood. Gongmyeongto is made of yellow clay, which releases huge amounts of far- infrared rays, and has the effect of a therapeutic walk in a forest. It helps to relieve pain and calms down the body and soul. When the soil reaches a temperature of 40~50℃, it starts emitting far-infrared rays. These penetrate the body and stimulate cells about 2,000 times a minute, which causes an increase in body heat. The activated cells radiate heat, and this raises the body's temperature. The body then starts releasing waste and boosting blood circulation. It feels much like in a spa, where you lie down, perspire and feel instantly refreshed. The body feels much lighter after a short break in the bedrock bath room. After sweating in a hot place it is time to cool down again. The way leads past large glass windows to a germanium cold bath place. with a beautiful garden (Photo 2). What a sight. In order to let the skin recover from the heat of the bedrock room, a cypress water mask is applied and plenty of mist is sprayed on. After a cold bedrock bath for 20 minutes the next course awaits you: a foot bath in a wide tub made of cypress wood (Photo 3). The water inside is special, as it is a herbal bath made with medicinal ingredients, cypress wood and cypress oil. Dunking your feet in it helps blood circulation and also has an edema-relieving effect.

A cypress enzyme bath that supports the immune system

The facility also offers a cypress enzyme bath (Photo 4). A cypress tree log is filled with sawdust and enzymes that are fermented with various kinds of herbal medicine. When you stick your hand in it, you can feel an extraordinary heat. That's where you put your body in so that only your head sticks out, and after about 20 minutes your entire body is heated up and ready to sweat. With a high body temperature of 38~39℃, blood circulation is turned up, metabolism is activated and the immune system is strengthened. In regular spas, the outer layer of the skin is stimulated with strong heat, whereas the cypress enzyme method uses natural fermentation heat to enable far-infrared rays to penetrate the skin deeply and heat up the body from within. The synergy effect is even stronger with the cypress tree phytoncide.

Wander and heal in the Cypress Tree Garden

After the cypress enzyme bath, take your lightweight body and soul and visit the garden in the back. The trail is well-decorated and allows you to heal with plenty of phytoncide. A great way to connect with nature and recharge on healthy energy is unexpectedly situated in the heart of the city.


  • +82-1522-0555
  • 10:00~21:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Basic (80 min) 50,000 won, Skin Care (60 min) 50,000 won
  • 375 Dallaenae-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • www.hinoky.com

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017