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Herb Island Herb Healing Center

Herb Island Herb Healing Center
허브아일랜드 허브힐링센터


In ancient Greece, grass was called “herba.” In the 4th century BC, fragrant medical plants were called “herbs.” That's how today's herbs got their name. They are used as cooking ingredients, in cosmetics, as medicine and for fabrics. In order to get a closer look at herbs and the many different ways they are used, one can visit the 430,000㎡ “Herb Island.” From the entrance, the place resembles an amusement park with fairy tale-like sculptures, buildings and a herb garden.

At the Herb Healing Center on Herb Island, visitors can experience the various effects of herbs firsthand. Major facilities include the healing center and herb experience room, a seminar room, an accommodation and a restaurant. Visitors can participate in making herb candles and soap and purchase cosmetic products, aroma oils, scented candles and herbal health products. For people who would like to try a simple herb therapy, we recommend the “Aroma Foot Bath.” When you put your feet in the hot water, aroma oil and salt are added to the mix. A foot bath alone will put you in a better mood as if your whole body relaxed. The herbal tea that is served with the foot bath will stabilize any leftover tension. A blend of 14 herbs go into the tea that will loosen you up and help your blood circulation by releasing toxins. The foot bath is a great opportunity to treat tense muscles in other parts of the body with herbal heat packs.

Healing time with herb detox

Eating healthy and releasing toxins in a “detox” health care method has been gaining more and more popularity lately. Detox has become a concern for people who are suffering from irregular eating habits, stress and overwork. The Herb Healing Center uses herbs in their four detox programs “Gonggi (air),” “Baram (wind),” “Namu (tree)” and “Mul (water).” First, a consultation with a therapist over a cup of herbal tea will determine the herbs that match your physical constitution. The programs include color therapy. The rooms are color-themed to match different symptoms.

For example, red helps the blood circulation, orange burns toxins, purple is a soothing tone, and yellow calms down digestion. The first thing to do in the color therapy is to dive into a “Herbal Bath” and soak for 30 minutes (Photo 1). Fresh herbs emit herb essences that smell nice and help the body to relax. Natural aroma oils and moisturizers help to remove skin waste and relieve muscle and joint pain. After the bath, you enter another room and experience a detox therapy using herbs and dry grass (Photo 2). A wooden tub is filled with fresh herbs and grass. As soon as you lie down your whole body starts absorbing the scent and energy of the herbs. Absorbed into the body, the fragrances decompose toxins and boost your immune system. Towards the end, the therapist will use aroma oils and massage your whole body (Photo 3). Tense muscles relax freely and the herbal oils aid your blood circulation.

A night full of herbal scents

If you want to experience Herb Island even further, you might want to spend a night there. The “Mediterranean Fairy Tale Nights Pension” offers herbal fragrance bed sheets, herbal baths, aroma oils and teas in every room. The special interiors will remind you of scenes from fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Princess Mermaid and promise an unforgettable experience.


  • +82-1644-1997
  • 10:00~21:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Gonggi Healing Program: weekdays 100,000 won, weekends 120,000 won, Baram Healing Progam: weekdays 120,000 won, weekends 144,000 won, Mul Healing Program: weekdays 160,000 won, weekends 192,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017