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Pyeonbaeknara Hyo So Gung

Pyeon baeknara Hyo So Gung
편백나라 효소궁


Walking through the door, the fresh scent of cypress welcomes you. The finishing touches in the space, as well as the furniture that decorates it, are all made of cypress wood. In a space like that, drinking herbal tea, a truly special experience begins. After tea time comes the highlight, a “Cypress Enzyme Bath” for which visitors have to change their clothes and enter the “Enzyme Room.”


Bathing with living enzymes

Every day at 7pm is “dinner time” for the enzymes. The rice bran that is given to them is full of nutrition. The bran is mixed throughout the evening and the enzymes are cultivated from 10 o'clock at night to 10 o'clock the next day. In the morning, the temperature of the enzymes has risen to about 60~70℃. When visitors lie in the hot bath, the skin begins to absorb the enzymes. In the Enzyme Bath Room, there are several cypress tubs divided into two spaces for a more comfortable treatment: one for men and one for women. The tubs are filled with cypress sawdust, rice bran, winter daphne, charcoal, and enzyme powder. While it is a treatment for people, the owners of the tubs are clearly the enzymes. The number of microorganisms that live in one of those tubs is about 30 trillion. To dig a hole and lie in the cypress tub where the enzymes are alive and breathing feels like lying down on the warm and comfortable bosom of mother earth. Covered in the cultivated powder for 15 minutes, body and face, the enzymes enter 40mm deep into the skin. Sensitive people can even feel the tickling sensation of the enzymes getting to work. The absorbed enzymes are in growing action for 12 hours before they enter an after- ripening stage, which is why it is advised not to shower with soap. After brushing off the dust and taking a water rinse shower, it is time for the “Herb Steam Bath.” The wet cypress sauna uses 15 different herbs for its scented steam including lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and camomile. The active components of the cypress tree, the herbs and the fragrances permeate the skin through open pores. It's refreshing. Next is the dry cypress half-body course. There's no need to worry about the electromagnetic hot water. And finally, after the half-body bath, there are the infrared cypress sitz bath and the dry cypress foot bath.

After all is done, you might believe you have a new body. The five-step healing program at Pyeonbaeknara Hyo So Gung leaves visitors with a strong impression. In particular, to lie in natural heat in a tub full of enzymes is an outstanding experience. It has different effects on people, but it is said to have strengthening effects on people's immune system, skin care, pain relief and blood circulation.

How to increase the effectiveness of the enzyme bath

It is better not to wash for 24 hours after the enzyme bath. The 5-step healing program offered by the Enema Palace is recommended to refrain from taking cold or cold drinks as much as possible to increase the body temperature and concentrate on strengthening the immune system. The soda bottle that comes out of the house is empty for one hour. It is the time required for the enzyme to sterilize the barrel. Reservation is a must, as you can not enter the top chamber at any time. The morning when the enzyme is asleep, the temperature is the highest and the effect is good.


  • +82-62-372-5888
  • 10:00~20:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Enzyme Palace five-step Healing Experience 35,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017