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Cheongna Sparex

Cheongna Sparex
청라 스파렉스


Cheongna Sparex is so big that it could be mistaken for a soccer stadium. With spa facilities, a bathhouse, saunas, and an indoor forest walk, amusment features for children and an outdoor swimming pool, it would be easy to spend an entire day here. It is an exciting place for men and women and young and old.

The highlight of Cheongna Sparex is the main hall, where different spas with various themes and temperatures are operated. A traditional Korean sauna, a red clay sauna, a germanium sauna, a Himalaya salt sauna and more are awaiting their visitors. Seasoned sauna-goers will enjoy the traditional and red clay saunas. After a good session of intense sweating, the body feels a lot lighter. However, saunas are not only there to get sweaty. Using far infrared energy, the body gets rid of waste products and also releases tensed muscles. Saunas make the body feel lighter, and they are shelters where the body can relax and recover from fatigue. It is great for the skin because it is a natural skin care method. Afterward, enjoy some of the phytoncide that the cypress trees emit. The “Cypress Forest Park” is a room made entirely of cypress wood. The fragrance is unmistakable and enough to feel enlightened. In contrast to the sauna rooms, it isn’t hot and allows for a longer stay.

Amenities with various themes

The Camping Zone is especially popular with families. Camping chairs and tents, and even television sets are provided in this fun indoor variation of outdoor camping. If you brought your swim suit you can go for a swim in the outdoor pool. It has a shallow area for children and a deeper zone for grown-ups, as well as a thrilling slide and other playful facilities. Time passes quickly as you move freely between the saunas and the outdoor pools. The outdoors facilities have special operating seasons and hours and we suggest to check the online schedule beforehand.

At the Choengna Sparex, you’ll meet many families with children, because that’s how well it is prepared for the liveliness of kids. The play room is equipped like a kids’ cafe and therefore safe and fun for the little ones. Finding tasty snacks between the saunas is a fun experience as well. Usually, boiled eggs and a sweet rice drink are as good as it gets, but here the menu stretches to delicacies for every age and taste. From chicken and beer, the Korean soul food, to pork cutlet, seaweed soup and chilled noodle soup, the menu offers light snacks as well as proper meals. With all its attractions including spas and saunas, camping and outdoor pools, massage therapy and open-air baths, a day at the Cheongna Sparex flies by.

Enjoy an open-air bath

The bathhouse at Cheongna Sparex of an outstanding class too. There are cold and hot baths, of course, but also saunas are provided using only the best water quality and strict management. A popular treat is the open-air bath. Bathing in hot water while fresh air lets visitors dwell in satisfaction.


  • +82-32-561-2244
  • Spa 24 hours, swimming pool 10:00~19:00
  • Day (5:00~20:00) Adults 8,000 won, Children 6,000 won Night (20:00~5:00) Adults 10,000 won, Children 8,000 won
  • 15, Cheongnacanal-ro 260, Seo-gu, Incheon

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017