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Spa Land Centum City

Spa Land Centum City
스파랜드 센텀시티


Busan is the most colorful city in Korea. A place right by the indigo sea that never gets tired, that has a long history and vast nature, and where metropolitan and trendy things accumulate. That's the impression that Busan gives visitors. Follow the skyline of Haeundae and you will discover Centum City and the world's largest Shinsegae Department Store. If you walk past the cosmetic stores on the ground level and around the corner, it suddenly grows quiet. That's when you know you have reached your destination.

From foot baths to a spa and even hot springs

Spa Land is a huge spa facility that uses hot spring water with sodium bicarbonate, which is pulled up from a thousand meters underground, and hot spring water that is close to sea water in its 18 different hot springs and 13 theme spas. It is already well-known for having high-quality water and convenient service facilities and is therefore crowded on the Weekends. Because of its size, it takes quite some time to fully explore Spa Land.

Spa Land consists of a hot spring bath and Korean-style spas on the ground floor, theme saunas on the upper half floor, and an aesthetic space, a restaurant and a cafe on the first floor. Before the main spa experience, we recommend to start with an outdoor foot bath on the ground floor. It's like stretching before doing sports. If you immerse your feet in the knee-high bath water your toes will start to tingle because of the warm water temperature. The outdoor foot bath teaches the body to relax. The 13 spas range from Korean steam themes to international sauna concepts. The “Charcoal Room” is hot and pleasant. It takes no longer than five minutes before you start sweating.

Charcoal is known to generate negative ions to reduce an acidified physical constitution to alkali and to disinfect and prevent skin trouble. The “Hwangto Room” is made of yellow clay, which has an enzyme component that helps detoxification and has an antibacterial and hemostatic effect. It also relieves fatigue and stabilizes the mind. Past the indoor garden and up the stairs you'll find interesting saunas. There's a Finnish sauna, because that's the land of the sauna, a “Roman Room” where the public baths of ancient Rome are reproduced, a “Hamam Room” that awaits visitors with colorful tiles like the public baths of Turkey, and a “Body Sound Room” where nature sounds or meditative music invite you to have a pleasant sauna experience.

Enjoy two types of hot spring water in the open air

After sweating, visit the entertainment zone on the upper floor. Find recliners in the relax room for a comfortable break. If you need the help of a professional therapist, visit the aesthetic SHIM Spa. To relax your tense muscles, find the Korean-style “Body Treatment” or the uniquely designed chairs of the “Solbasic, 50 min.” that massage your neck, shoulders, and feet.

However, Spa Land's strongest feature is the water quality. You can compare two hot spring water types that are different in their geographical characteristics and take a bath. Eighteen hot spring baths, two cold baths, and two swimming pools leave you with a wide range of options to get relaxed. In the women's sauna, there is also a wonderful open-air pool area. There you can enjoy the “Miin Bath,” which contains skin- supporting sodium bicarbonate, or the “Hot Bath” with its sodium chloride that promises to enhance blood circulation and pain relief. It is fun to spend time in the outdoor spa with pleasant sunshine pouring into the bath, the clear sound of water and a soft breeze.


  • +82-51-745-2900
  • 06:00~24:00 (last entry 22:30)
  • Spa Land Tickets (One entry and stay of 4 hours max.) Weekday adults fee 15,000 won, Weekends adult fee 18,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017