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Olivine Spa

Olivine Spa
올리바인 스파


Whether you have weight, age-related, or chronic fatigue problems, Olivine Spa provides stress relief for any modern citizen. Suggested programs include the “Facial Anti-aging Program” if you want to make your skin look younger, a body program if you want to treat pains from overwork and stress, and the “D2S Postpartum Program” concerning any worries for women who just gave birth. The facility helps visitors to develop better skin and a healthy body through a variety etc.

A professional postpartum treatment system linked with a hospital

Olivine Spa also offers a maternity and postpartum program for pregnant women. In particular in Korea, there is a high awareness of the importance of postpartum treatment. After giving birth, sudden hormonal changes happen that cause various after- effects if not treated well. Some cases include pain in the form of tingling limbs and an aching body.A mother's recovery right after giving birth is most important.

Olivine Spa is closely connected to Seran Hospital and the Olivium postpartum care center and offers professional services in the form of maternity and postpartum massages as well as body care treatments. Next to the hospital is Olivine Spa, which hosts the spa, the postpartum care center and a comprehensive examination center in one building, and is therefore convenient for pregnant women and their families. All spa rooms are separated in order to provide privacy for mothers who have a sensitive state of body and mind after giving birth. The spa rooms are designed in a relaxing brown color and are just as luxurious and sophisticated as any specialized hotel spa facility.

The postpartum massage consists of three programs: detox, slimming and balance. The detox program is a body circulation program that helps pregnant women who suffer from a swollen body and whose blood circulation is weak due to pregnancy. It focuses on massaging the lymph areas, reducing edema and relieving stress in the entire body. It is often difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. The slimming program is a treatment that helps with that. It releases toxins that are cultivated during pregnancy and due to childbirth, eases cellulite and helps the body to find its old shape. For visitors who don't like oil massages, we recommend the Balance Care treatment. Instead of oil, it uses a light stretching massage that helps reduce fatigue and restore a healthy body balance.

Also outstanding are the postpartum treatment programs that are linked to Seran Hospital's professional medical services. Mothers who just gave birth are offered a variety of programs to select from according to their individual needs, including one that uses a high- and low-frequency device to treat stubborn swelling after giving birth, and one that uses lasers to erase unpleasant marks that occur during pregnancy.

A total program that solves all worries after childbirth at once

The spa also offers a total program that treats edema, pains and lost body lines after giving birth. From scalp massages that prevent hair loss after delivery to facial and detox care, the total program offers a systematic treatment.


  • 02-730-1719
  • Monday and Friday 10:00~22:00
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00~20:00
    Weekends and holidays 10:00~17:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Facial (60 min.) 110,000 won Facial & Body Treatment (100 min) 245,000 won D2S Treatment (90 min.) 350,000 won

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017