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Cheong Kwan Jang SPA G

Cheong Kwan Jang SPA G
정관장 스파 G


Red ginseng is considered to be a very valuable medicine in Korea. Red ginseng is unpeeled ginseng that is steamed for about three hours and then slowly dried. During that process, it loses its sweet particles and produces an effective ingredient in abundance that doesn't exist in regular ginseng. There is only one place that uses that kind of red ginseng in its professional spa services, and that is Cheong-Kwan-Jang Spa G from the luxury red ginseng brand Cheong-Kwan-Jang.

A red ginseng energy spa that contains ancient care methods

Cheong Kwan Jang SPA G uses the energy of 6-yearold red ginseng in all treatments and offers energy spas that promise inner and outer beauty. It is said that red ginseng has been a beauty treatment for the body since ancient times. The beautiful women in the Joseon Dynasty are said to have used ginseng in tea to treat their skin, and when ginseng flowers blossomed they were used as additives in bath water which would soften their skin.

Walking through the door of Cheong Kwan Jang SPA G, you notice gentle scent of ginseng that fills the room. The atmosphere is quiet so that visitors can relax and forget their busy lives. Every room is equipped with a shower and a locker. Also, there is a “Skin Bar” where visitors can experience the red ginseng cosmetics made by the Korea Ginseng Corp. and “Red Ginseng Bar” which offers Cheong-Kwan-Jang delicacies. It is a space where people can try red ginseng while enjoying therapy.

Cheong Kwan Jang SPA G has a separate red ginseng spa room where therapies take place, a “Red Ginseng Spa Room” where visitors can receive a water massage that stimulates blood circulation, and a “Capsule Zone” where concentrated red ginseng is spread over the body and visitors can lay in a capsule where heat and steam help the body to release toxins and absorb red ginseng nutrition. Furthermore, there are special facilities such as the “Foot Spa Zone,” where foot fatigue is treated, and the “Head Spa Zone,” where red ginseng ingredients are used for scalp treatments.

The products used in the spas are from the red ginseng cosmetic brand Donginbi. In combination with the hand technique of a skilled therapist, it helps to regain natural beauty and younger skin. And the “Asian Core” massage, which uses the advantages of traditional Asian medicine and folk therapy, relieves muscle pains and fatigue.

Also, “Holistic,” which was first developed in Europe and then reinvented to match Korean emotions, uses sometimes soft and sometimes intense hand techniques to help the body's circulation. It is a premium care that applies the strong energy of red ginseng oil. Before and after all treatment steps, visitors get the chance to drink red ginseng tea that provides them with longlasting, warm energy and to use Cheong-Kwan-Jang red ginseng products.

The red ginseng effect

The rich saponin ingredient in red ginseng isknown to enhance and revive the immune system.
In addition, the ginsenoside ingredient helpsabsorption and digestion and promotes metabolism.


  • +82-2-557-8030
  • 09:00~23:00
  • Reservations are mandatory
  • Facial (60 min.) 110,000 won,
    Asian Core (60 min.) 110,000 won,
    SPA G Signature 473,000 won
  • KT&G Tower B2F, 1002 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul (Daechi Branch)
    Hotel Skypark Central B1F, Myeongdong-9-gil, Jung-gu,
    Seoul (Myeongdong Branch)
  • www.spag.co.kr

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017