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Paradise City Cimer

Paradise City Cimer
파라다이스 시티 씨메르

Looking around Paradise City Cimer, you’ll feel like traveling the premium spas of the world. Enjoyments are abundant in a unique space, making this place easily comparable to the Szechenyi Spa in Hungary or Baden-Baden of Germany. Going beyond the limitations of a “Spa,” Cimer is at the peak of Korean spas, evolving endlessly to reach greater heights.

Aqua Zone, where the body and mind float

Aqua Plaza, at the center of the Aqua Zone, is a pool 1.3 meters deep designed after the San Marco Plaza in Italy. At Aqua Plaza, an aqua zumba class is held every weekend. The class combines zumba moves with low intensity aqua fitness for 40 minutes. Participants dance to the exciting beat to exercise the body. Float the aqua base on the water surface and enjoy yoga and fitness by participating in the aqua float yoga or aqua float fit program. Other interesting programs include beer yoga, performed to fast music while drinking beer or other beverage, and EDM yoga, performed to dynamic EDM music by combining cardio dance, yoga and fitness movements. These programs are performed at the outdoor pool during the warmer seasons between spring and fall.

If you want a more relaxing way to ease the muscles, we recommend the cave spa and virtual spa. Cave spa is a float in sound program enjoyed at the maze-like space inside the entrance. Use the buoyance of the aqua stick and water neck pillow to float the body on water and dip only the ears inside water to listen to the music that comes out of the water speaker. Listening to the beautiful music in a dark and cozy space while floating on water relaxes the mind. The time spent at the virtual spa is equally precious. Soak the body in a warm pool and enjoy the magnificent and mysterious nature on the large LED screen installed on three walls. Don’t miss out on a chance to relax the eyes and body in a dreamlike setting.

The Korean dry sauna zone

The Korean dry sauna zone at the Paradise City Cimer operates a unique and creative program. The “Hot Shot Service,” held at the amethyst room, is a program carried out over 10-15 minutes and offered three times a day from 3 pm on weekend. Conducted in hot temperature, the ice, aroma liquid and water is poured over a stove heated to 60-65 degrees Celsius. Steam forms over the stove and a traditional Korean dancer performs a fan dance to spread the steam. Participants enjoy the heat and aroma scents that come out of the stove. The element of entertainment was added to the Furnish sauna. Up to 30 people may enter at a time.

At the fitness room, aroma yoga is carried out to help ease the body and mind using aroma. Starting with applying aroma essential oil to the hands and breathing in deeply while gathering the hands, easy movements are performed and participants enter the savasana pose, a time of relaxation and meditation. The aroma yoga program is conducted once a day for 30 minutes for 12 people depending on the class schedule for each quarter.

The Cimer Korean Dry Sauna zone conducts body balance consulting, inbody measurement and stress diagnosis, and various programs by quarter. The great selection of programs include surf-fit, which strengthens the balance between muscles and the body on top of a board that moves from left to right and top to bottom, the sunset yoga performed while enjoying the sunset on the west sea, nature healing yoga that breathes in large amounts of phytoncide to restore peace to the body and mind inside a fire tree room, healing touch that uses a foam roller to relax the muscle fascia, and pi-yo that combines Pilates with yoga.

Short notice on the age limit of users

Paradise City Cimer does not allow admission of children under the age of 10 or the height of 130 cm. The age limit for cave spa is 19 to ensure a resting place for adults who wish to enjoy the benefits of a premium spa in a quiet and relaxing manner.


  • +82-2-1833-8855
  • Holidays None(Closed for a week every April)
  • Aqua Spa Pass
    Adult KRW 40,000/Teens KRW 30,000 Korean Dry Sauna Pass
    Adult KRW 25,000/Teens KRW 20,000 (non-season weekday price)
  • Available
  • 186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  •  www.p-city.com