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Island Castle Hotel & Water Park Resort

Island Castle Hotel & Water Park Resort
아일랜드캐슬 리조트

Enjoy aqua therapy and play all year round in the hot spring water at Island Castle with the largest water park in the northern region of the metropolis. Equipped with a hotel, hot spring, sauna, Korean dry sauna, and indoor and outdoor water park, the Island Castle is a great place of healing for families, lovers and friends.

Healing water that relaxes tense muscles

Island Castle uses sodium bicarbonate hot spring water of 26 degrees Celsius. Excluding the outdoor and indoor water parks, the water that fills the sauna and bathe pool is all from the hot springs. The bathe pool, with 20 huge pillars, reminds one of the bath house of the gods in the Greek mythology. Known to be effective in easing atopic dermatitis, bronchitis and arthrodynia, the hot spring water comes out from here and there upon pressing the button. Once you are done exploring the various options at the bathe pool that relaxes muscles through water pressure, all pain disappears from even the deepest parts of the body. Each course stimulates different muscles, making you not want to miss out on a single course. The bathe pool operates a 30-minute aqua therapy workout program inside the water. Participants perform various low intensity workouts to lively music including stretching, aquarobics, and muscle exercise that involves folding and unfolding a buoyant aqua stick inside water. Around the bathe pool, there are event pools with different themes and temperatures. There are a total of 15 event pools leading up to the open-air bath. Herbs that benefit the body and aroma are mixed in to the hot spring water depending on the season.

Water park, playing in water to heal the mind

Playing in water is always fun for both children and adults.Indoor water park has a round roof and large windows to allow the sun to shine through. It feels open despite being inside. Passing through the indoor water park that consists of 14 pools including the wave pool with dynamic waves, the kids’ pool, the indoor running water pool and adventure play, the outdoor open-air bath appears. The outdoor open-air pool is composed in the order of the event pool, waterfall pool and hinoki pool. Ascending to the second floor, you will see the outdoor water park. This space is equipped with various fun constructions including the tube slide, tornado tantrum, two speed slides, pro ball slide, aqua play and torrent river. The outdoor water park is closed during the winter season.

If you’ve already enjoyed aqua therapy and playing in water, now it’s time to relax at the Korean dry sauna. The dry spa at Island Castle is small but compact. Recover from fatigue by relaxing at the red clay sauna, charcoal sauna, Himalayan salt sauna, hinoki sauna, relaxation hall and relaxation room for adults with massage chairs.

Add outdoor activity to hot spring bathing

The forest path behind the hotel connects to the "Cheon Sangbyeong Sopung-gil Trail" and the Suraksan Mountain Trail. The path is deep, quiet and cozy. Next to the divided road is a vast grass yard. This space is scheduled to be developed into a complex for forest play, Christmas market and camping.


  • +82-31-894-0300
  • Holidays None
  • Hot spring/Sauna
    Adult KRW 12,000 / Children KRW 10,000
    Korean dry sauna/Bathe pool Adult KRW 25,000 / Children KRW 20,000
    Water Park Day Pass Adult KRW 50,000 / Children KRW 42,000
    Water Park Afternoon Pass Adult KRW 25,000 / Children KRW 21,000 (Same for weekday and weekend in the off-season)