Hanwha Resort Jeju Spa Therapy Center
한화리조트 스파테라피센터


Restore your body and mind by making the most out of Jeju Island’s clear water, clean stone, and fresh air at Hanwha Resort Jeju Spa Therapy Center. It has a wide range of spa programs from aqua massage to aroma therapy.

Jeju Island’s clean water, stone, wind, and nature have the power to heal your tired body, mind, and soul. Located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, Hanwha Resort Jeju Spa Therapy Center is the perfect place to enjoy the direct contact with Jeju Island’s clean nature. The systematic spa programs will restore and optimize your biorhythm.

A Spa Experience Only in Jeju

If you follow a meandering mountain path surrounded by a dense forest with a beautiful view, a small building comes into sight. This is where Spa Therapy Center is located, inside Hanwha Resort Jeju. Thanks to its subtle but pleasant aromatic fragrances, you will be able to find it quite easily. You can choose from two options: Spa Therapy and Detox Therapy. Each therapy can be divided into scientifically designed sub-categories. The services are guaranteed available upon reservation. If you sign up for the therapy programs, you can use the sauna for free.Get fair skin by enjoying the sauna that uses the volcanic bedrock groundwater from 450–meter deep underground aquifers. You do not need to carry anything since it offers amenities including cleanser, skin care products, and towels.

Aqua Therapy & Massage Therapy

Watsu Therapy is a 90-minute program consisting of sauna, Aqua Tonic, and Hay Bath. First, after relaxing your body in the sauna, you can benefit from Aqua Tonic, a type of aqua healing therapy. You can massage your fatigued muscles by using the 14-step water jets and take a rest by floating freely on the water. Now is the time for Watsu Therapy, a 1:1 massage service provided by a professional therapist in the water. Since it uses the concept of buoyancy in water, it feels more gentle on your skin and body compared to any other massage. The last step is Hay Bath, a program that invites you to benefit from eco-friendly hay thermotherapy using Jeju Island’s hay. Once you lie down on a sheet on top of the hay heated to 80°C, a therapist places a warm heated stone and covers your body with hay. A 30-minute break on hay will warm you up, which eventually helps you excrete accumulated toxins from your body, making you feel healthier and lighter.Detox Therapy is a program that optimizes your biorhythm with the gentle touch of the therapist by combining the traditional Swedish manual with the Eastern healing treatment manual. You can benefit from multiple fusion treatment options such as foot care, back care, and full-body care. As in Aqua Therapy, you can relax your body and mind using sauna and Hay Bath first and then move to a therapy room exclusively designed for massage. You can choose either oil massage or sports massage when getting back care and full-body care. Detox foot care uses Jeju Island’s basalt known for emitting a great amount of far-infrared radiation, which is particularly effective in lessening edema in feet and ankles.

Massage in a Private Garden

If you want to get a message with a beautiful view of Jeju Island, the massage room in the garden is the best place for you. This separate space with glass walls is particularly perfect for having private quality time.


  • +82-64-786-1300 (1313)
  • Spa Zone 07:30–23:00 for Natural Therapy (last admission at 21:00) & 14:30–23:00 for Watsu Therapy; Detox Zone 14:30–23:00
  • Reservations Required
  • KRW 50,000 for Natural Therapy (KRW 25,000 for resort guests)
    KRW 80,000 for Watsu Therapy (KRW 64,000 for resort guests)
    KRW 133,000 for Full-Body Detox (KRW 106,000 for resort guests)

The above information is valid as of March 2019