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Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store
설화수 플래그십 스토어


Sulwhasoo Spa is the largest spa facility operated by a beauty brand in Korea.

The golden structure that illuminates the inside and outside of the building and the interior which creates a different tone on every floor harmonize with each space, establishing a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. To learn more about Sulwhasoo Spa and the brand, the docent tour is recommended. The 40-minute tour must be booked beforehand and allows visitors to experience the boutique, the spas and the culture lounge of the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store with all five senses.

Two Spas with different concepts

The Sulwhasoo Flagship Store has two spas with different concepts. On the basement floor, visitors can find the “Sulwhasoo Spa,” which is a private and remote space that offers a luxurious anti-aging traditional Korean medicine spa program. The Sulwhasoo Balance Spa on the fourth floor overlooks beautiful Dosan Park and allows for a more casual spa experience. Sulwhasoo Spa stands out for its spa program, which contains the brand's raw ingredients and recipes. Special treatments made with traditional Korean ingredients such as jade, pumpkin, white porcelain and Jaum Balancing Complex balls enrich the spa effect and translate this facility's individuality. It also reinterprets traditional Korean medicine to resurrect the balance of body and mind, and recharge during the hectic pace of everyday life.

Story and Elegance

The most popular Sulwhasoo Spa program is the “Intense Ginseng Journey.” It is an intensive anti-aging program that combines the energy of ginseng and Sulwhasoo's technique to revive youthful energy deep in the skin. It all begins with checking usual beauty habits and questions about skin before selecting an aroma. A fragrance treatment containing natural scents such as flowers, leaves, and trees calms the five senses, the body and soul. After a red ginseng foot bath calm music is playing in a room where the spa program begins. Next is a soft oil massage that treats the shoulders, neck, and spine. An applicator made of Sulwhasoo's own Jaum cream and jade helps exhausted skin to increase its self-sustenance and cure the hints of skin aging. After the spa, visitors get to visit a makeup room where they can use Sulwhasoo products and enjoy tea afterwards.

The flagship store also introduces three new “Holistic Beauty Services” through which visitors can experience the brand. The “Holistic Tea Class” tells stories about tea over a collection of four Sulwhasoo teas, the “Holistic Golden Eye Touch” talks about the skin care methods of the Golden Eye applicator, Eye Serum, and Cream, and the “Holistic Scent Touch” explains the shoulder, neck and ear stress care method that uses one of the brand's popular fragrances. The ”Holistic Beauty Services” are free of charge by prior reservation and only available at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store.

The meticulous services of Sulwhasoo Spa

Sulwhasoo Spa provides a ginseng scrub and red ginseng foot bath service before entering the spa program. When you bathe your feet in the red ginseng water, the ginseng scrub will remove dead skin and offer great relief. Then comes the “Sulwhajeong Treatment.” It uses Sulwhasoo's four fragrances, which are inspired by Korea's nature, to relax the body [same throughout] and mind. After the program, traditional Korean medicine tea and Korean snacks are provided.


  • Tel : 02-541-9270
  • Work hour : 10:00~21:00 (Closed on every first Monday and on Seollal and Chuseok)
  • Mandatory prior reservation
    Docent Tour (free), Mix and Match Spa 120,000 won,
    Intense Ginseng Journey (90 min.) 250,000 won
  • Parking : Available
  • Location : 18 Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Homepage : www.sulwhasoo.com

The above information is valid as of Dec. 31, 2017