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Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration System

Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration System

This system aids the victims of medical malpractice
and creates a stable health-care environment
for medical specialists.

Legal Basis

Chapter 1 Article 1 of the Act on Remedies
for Injuries from Medical Malpractice
and Mediation of Medical Disputes (enforced on April 8, 2012)

This law stipulates matters related to the mediation and arbitration of medical disputes to promptly and impartially relieve damages caused by medical malpractice and create a stable medical environment for medical specialists.

Process of Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation Mediation refers to the way in which, when there is a request for mediation from an applicant among the parties to a medical dispute, the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency thoroughly examines the claims made by both parties, conducts fact-checking, determines the occurrence of malpractice and a causal connection, and proposes an agreement to help both parties settle the case satisfactorily.

  • Request for mediation from patients or medical professionals
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration available
    throughout the
    process of mediation
  • Settlement
  • Decision to mediate
    (the same as the
    court settlement)
  • Failure to meditate

Arbitration Arbitration refers to a dispute resolution process where both parties comply with the decision of the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency after making a written agreement to follow its decision and requesting for arbitration, which can be made even during the mediation process.

  • Arbitration
  • Request for
  • Arbitration
  • Decision
    to arbitrate

Legal Effects of Mediation and Arbitration

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