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Medical VISA

Information on Entry & Visa for medical tours

Entry-related Classification

  • Visa Exemption
    (at most 30 days)
    - 50 countries with visa waiver accords
    - Special exemption for Jeju island (11 countries exception)
  • Visa for medical tourism
    - Short term (C-3-3, 90days)
    - Long term (G-1-10, within 1 year)
  • Other visas

Visas for medical tourism (C-3-3, G-1-10)

Target group for visa issuance

  • Those wishing to be hospitalized at specialized medical clinics or rehabilitation facilities for treatment of diseases and disorders, or for recuperation purposes, and for cases requiring treatment periods of 91 days or longer.
  • The patient and members of the patient's immediate family, including patient's spouse to help provide care and patient's children (Duration of stay is one year; multiple-entry visa is effective for one year)

    C-3 (M): For cases where the period of treatment and travel is 90 days or less (Simple procedures, e.g., cosmetic procedures, including plastic surgery, etc.)

    G-1 (M): One year (i.e., long-term treatment and rehabilitation)

Where to apply

Embassies or consulates of the Republic of Korea

How to apply

Direct application : Patient may apply for the visa at the consulate directly - documents to be submitted : visa issuance application, copy of passport, diagnosis document, document issued by a medical institution in Korea confirming appointment for treatment/recuperation, affidavit of financial support proving ability to procure funds to cover the cost of treatment and stay, other documents requested by the consulate (documents proving family relationship)

Counselling and reservation - Receive reservation documents - Visit consulate and apply visa - Receive visa

Agency application : Medical institution or agency may apply for visa issuance certificate to the immigration office through online HUNET. The visa will be issued when the patient submits the certification to the consulate. - documents to be submitted : application for confirmation of visa issuance, copy of passport, 1 photo, documents issued by a medical institution confirming medical purpose of visit (documents proving family relationship)

Counselling and reservation - Invitation from medical institution - Visit consulate and apply visa - Receive visa