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Primary Care

Primary Care in Seoul


  • Comprehensibility
  • Advanced equipment
  • Image interpretation ability
  • Speediness

Internal medicine

  • Expertise
  • High medical level
  • Excellence of equipment
Primary Care
Primary care includes health checkup and internal medical services.
Seoul can provide competitive checkup and excellent internal medicine services with the most advanced equipment and medical human resources.

Health checkup programs use the most-advanced medical
equipment such as MRI, CT, and gastroscopy/colonoscopy.
Through these programs, a comprehensive examination of diseases is possible. In addition, medical teams in charge of health checkup programs have an excellent ability of interpreting images obtained from state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

In the case of internal medicine, top-class general hospitals are providing specialized internal medicine services by differentiating internal medicine into several areas, such as gastroenterology division, pulmonary division, kidney division, allergy division, infectious diseases division, and rheumatology division.