Part Item  Medical Costs(USD)   Time required Recovery Period
 Minimum   Maximum 
Double Eye-lid
1,100 1,400 0.5~1hour 1 week
(Procedure) The non-incision method involves making small pinholes in the eyelid without incising the skin.
Double Eye-lid (Incision)  1,400 2,300 1~1.5 hour(s) 1 Week
(Procedure) The incision technique entails a horizontal incision to make a clear double eyelid.
* During the incision procedure, unnecessary orbital fat will be removed and other improvements made to the eyelid to create an ideal looking double eyelid. This extra treatment could push up the maximum price.
Medial Epicanthoplasty (Front-Rear Opening Operation) 750 1,100 0.5~1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) This is a surgical procedure that creates large and vivid eyes by eliminating the triangle shaped Mongolian fold that Asians generally have (front opening) or by extending the length of the outer corner of the eyes (rear opening).
* Discounts may be offered when this is packaged with a double eyelid procedure.
Upper Eyelid Incision 1,800 2,800 1~1.5 hour(s) 1 week
(Procedure) Supraorbital plastic surgery to remove unnecessary tissue beneath the brow, which will provide you with a clear double eyelid an improved vision
Lower Blepharoplasty 1,400 2,800 1~3 hours 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to improve eyelid function by reducing, incising, or suturing the eyelid muscles.
Under-eye Fat Removal 1,100 1,600 0.5~1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) Removal or realignment of fat that causes a baggy or protruding lower eyelid.
"Love Band" Surgery (Orbital fat transfer) 1,400 2,800 1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to enhance the area just below the lower eyelash line and brighten the entire facial appearance.
Rhinoplasty (silicone + cartilage) 3,200 3,600 1~2 hour(s) 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to reshape, resize, and change the appearance of the whole nose.
Nostril Reduction 900 1,800 0.5~1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) Nostril surgery to reduce the width of the nostrils by using strings or wedge-shaped skin incisions.
Aquiline Nose Rhinoplasty 3,600 5,500 1~2 hours 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to correct and trim protruding nasal bone or cartilage.
Crooked  Nose Correction 5,500 7,300 1~3 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) Surgery to remove parts of the nasal septum or to reshape parts of the nasal bone for realignment of the nose structure.
Nasal Bone Reduction (Osteotomy)  4,500 7,300 1~3 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) Surgery to cut high and side nasal bones to decrease the nose size.
Prosthesis implantation forcorrection ofnasolabial folds 2,800 5,500 0.5~1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to insert prostheses to reduce nasolabial folds.
Forehead Cosmetic Surgery (silicone) 2,500 4,800 0.5~1.5 hour(s) 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to insert prostheses to enlarge the forehead and add better contouring and volume to the face
Face Lift Surgery 7,300 13,600 3~6 hours 10 days
(Procedure) The facial skin is separated from its underlying tissues, pulled upward, and repositioned to smooth out the skin. Excess skin is trimmed away. An extra incision may be created below the chin to remove excess fat and tissues from the area and smooth out the underlying muscles for a more elegant look.
Cheek Augmentation Surgery(Prosthesis)  4,500 7,700 0.5~1.5 hour(s) 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to place prostheses in the cheek area to increase cheek volume and correct the "flat face" effect.
Cheek Reduction Surgery 5,500 9,100 1~3 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) Surgery to reduce the protrusion of the cheekbones. The bone mass of the protruding regions is reduced to give the cheeks a gentler and more harmonious appearance. 
Orthognathic Surgery (Corrective Jaw Surgery) 9,100 13,600 3~6 hours 1 month
(Procedure) Surgery to correct conditions of the jaw and face related to structure or malocclusion problems by cutting or realigning upper or lower jawbones.
Lower Jaw Surgery 4,500 7,300 1.5~3 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) Surgery to shave off the lower jawbone to create and ideal face contour.
Bottom Jaw Surgery 2,800 5,500 1~3 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) Surgery to cut the bottom jawbone or move the bottom of the jaw to change the shape or width of the jaw.
  (Procedure) Enhancement of skin elasticity and rejuvenation by using ultrasound, high frequency laser and medical thread. 
Lifting Ulthera 1,400 2,800 1 hour 3 days
(Procedure) A non-surgical lifiting procedure that uses ultrasound technology to strengthen skin from deep within.
EZ 2,300 3,600 1 hour 1 Week
(Procedure) EZ lift uses a medical thread that has specialized micro-hooks to pull back wrinkled skin
ACCU (Face, Nasolabial folds, Jaw Line) 1,400 2,300 1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) ACCU melts the fat and produces collagen by using micro laser.
SMAS (face) 5,500 9,100 3~6 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) An incision is made from the front to the back of the ear. The skin is tightened, the hypodermic tissues (muscles and fat) corrected, and excess skin removed.
Full Face Lifting 9,100 18,200 4~8 hours 1 week
(Procedure) Thread face-lift is a technique using special barbed sutures to pull on the facial tissues to reduce wrinkles.
Lips Gum Reduction 2,300 3,600 1~2 hour(s) 1 week
Lip Reduction (per each lip) 1,100 1,800 1 hour 1 week
Protruding Ear correction 2,300 3,600 1 hour 1 week
Dimple Creation Surgery 900 1,800 0.5 hour 1 week
Breast Augmentation
7,300 13,600 3~5 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure)This involves enlargement of small or saggy breasts by implant placement.
Breast Correction 6,800 9,100 2~4 hours 2 weeks
(Procedure) This involves enlargement of small or saggy breasts by implant placement.
Inverted Nipple 1,400 2,300 0.5~1 hour 1 week
(Procedure) Surgery to correct drooping dreasts by lifting the breasts with prostheses and changing nipple positions.
(Procedure) Surgery to incise parts of the nipples for a more pleasing and contoured look (not including areola reduction).
Breast Reconstruction  11,000 22,000 3~5 hours 2 weeks
 (Procedure) The rebuilding of the breast. This involves using prosthetic material to construct a natural-looking breast. 
Whole Body
Fat TransferžInjection    (Procedure) A procedure using injection to transferfat from areas in which you have xcess fat to areas that may be lacking in volume, such as the face. 
Nasolabal folds 1,300 1,800 20min 1 week
Forehead 1,800 3,200 20min 1 week
Temple 1,800 3,600 20min 1 week
Cheek 1,800 3,600 20min 1 week
Entire Face 4,500 7,300 1 hour 1 week
Breast 7,300 14,000 2 hours 1 week
Hip 8,200 14,000 2 hours 1 week
Eyelid 1,100 1,400 20min 1 week
Fat Transfer to Breast + Abdominal Liposuction  11,000 14,000 4 hours 1 week
Fat Transfer to Hips + Abdominal Liposuction  11,000 14,000 4 hours 1 week
   (Procedure) Laser lipolysis involves the use of a laser to rapidly dissolve excess 
Thigh 4,500 5,500 2 hours 1 week
Calf 1,800 2,800 1 hour 1 week
Arms 3,600 5,500 1 hour 1 week
Abdomen, Flank 5,500 7,300 3 hour 1 week
Abdomen 2,800 3,600 2 hour 1 week
Hip 2,800 3,600 1 hour 1 week
Face 1,400 2,800 30min 1 week
Double chin 1,800 2,300 30min 1 week
Cheek 1,800 2,800 30min 1 week
Abdominoplasty  12,000 18,200 3~5 hours 2 weeks
 (Procedure) This operation removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. The sergeon stitches underlying muscle and tissues together to narrow the waistline and strengthen the abdominal wall. 
Vaginoplasty   3,600 5,500 1~2 hours 1 week
Hymen Repair   2,800 3,600 1 hour 1 week
Hair(3000 hair) 3,600 7,300 4 hours 2 week
 (Procedure) Hair transplantation is a surgical technique in which individual hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the body to a balding part of the body. 
Atrichia 1,800 3,600 2 hours 2 week
Eyebrow transplant
(lashesž/ brows)
1,800 2,800 1 hour 2 week
Laser    (Procedure) Laser light is used to penetrate the skin and reduce freckles, fine wrinkes, pigmentation, and scars. 
Fraxel  About 640  30min 1 week
Bluelight 450 900 30min 1 week
PRP 750 1,600 1min 1 hour
Laser Toning  About 410  30min 3 days
Filler    (Procedure) Fillers are used to diminish deep lines and wrinkles, contour the nose, enhance facial volume, and treat scars. 
Nose 900 1,500 10min 1 hour
Nasolabial folds 900 1,500
Under eye 820 1,200
Lips 750 1,200
Love band 900 1,200
Forehead 1,800 3,600
Cheekbone 900 1,800
Other (1) Scar removal
(per centimeter)
280 550 10min 1 week


* The medical costs and the recovery period may vary subject to the patient's condition, physical characteristics, surgical practitioner, equipment used, etc.
* The above medical costs include charges for required examinations and post-operative medical treatment (but do not include medical treatment costs after discharge).
* Incidental costs unrelated to the medical treatment, additional examination charges, other service fees (interpretation, concierge service, etc.), and VAT are not included in the costs above.
* The above medical costs are credible price references validated by expert groups that patients can use to compare with the costs presented by hospitals before going for any treatment.