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Why Korea?


Medical Korea Information Center
More Information

The Medical Korea Information Center provides information and consultation services in five languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic) on medical services related to the Korean health-care system and medical interpretation.

Medical Call


  • EnglishEnglish
  • 日本語Japanese
  • 中文Chines
  • РусскийRussian
One-Stop Service for Medical Service Use
  • Consultation
    on entry and
    exit visas
  • Provision of information
    on medical institutions
    and medical products
  • Support for the
    of medical services
  • Use of medical services ※ The cosmetic surgery
    tax refund system is
Consultations on Foreign Patients’ Complaints
  • Consultation on complaints
    about the us
  • Consultation on medical complaints and disputes
    and support for transfer to the Korea Medical
    Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency
  • Consultation on illegal brokerage