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Wellness & Others Introduction


Superiority of Wellness programs in Korea

  • Korea is surrounded by the ocean on its 3 sides and 65% of its territory is mountain terrain. This environment provides a good surrounding for healing the body and mind of patients.
  • There are many healing programs in Korea related to natural resources such as forest healing and water healing.
  • Many temples around the nation are working to develop new healing contents and temple stay programs.
  • Jeju island in particular is designated as world natural heritage and offer various facilities & programs for healing the body and mind.
  • Medical convergence resorts provide a therapy collaborating traditional Korean medicine and western medicine.
  • Traditional Korean foods are made from local organic products and have proven to have good effects on maintaining health and curing diseases.
With its top-class natural environment, Korea offers traditional
and unique wellness services including temple stay,
medical convergence resorts, and “slow food”.

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