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Korean Medicine

5 Core values of Korean Medicine

Natural Medicine
Herbal medicine and pharmacopuncture use natural materials for treatment, while acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy improve the inherent healing power of the human body to recover physical balance and restore health condition.
Safe Treatment with few side-effects
The treatments used in Korean Medicine include the safe non-surgical methods that use natural materials and maximize effectiveness with minimal invasion.
Standardization & Scientification
The license system has been established through training of specialists through an educational curriculum, and a national Korean Medicine board exam. Medicinal herbs are managed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and their quality and safety are strictly controlled according to h-GMP and GMP standards. The standardized treatments are verified through the development project of the Korean Medicine standard and clinical practice guideline at a national level.
Integrative medicine
Through interdisciplinary researches not limited to medicine, Korean Medicine activates various industries in the areas of cosmetics, food, skin care, and diet.
East-West Medical Collaboration
To overcome the limitations of western medicine and minimize side effects, Korean Medicine presents new medical horizons through the east-west medical collaboration for treatment of severe or rare diseases.

A number of foreign patients
who cured with Korean Medicine in Korea

In 2018, there were 22,063 foreign patients for Korean Medicine treatments in Korea, 8.5 % increased from 20,343 in the previous year.

* Source: Statistics on international Patients in Korea, KHIDI (2018)

Satisfaction level of Korean Medicine treatment

The results of medical service usage and satisfaction survey of medical tourists visiting Korean Medicine hospitals showed a satisfaction rate higher than 90%.

* Source: “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”, May, 2018