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Medical Examination

Health Screening Introduction

Medical examination Introduction

Superiority of medical check-up in Korea

  • Medical examination in Korea includes MRI, Cl, colonoscopy and gastroscopy which is usually not covered in other countries. This enables the patient to receive a thorough and comprehensive check-up of his/her health condition.
  • Colonoscopy and gastroscopy can be done simultaneously through the endoscope. And discovered polyps can be removed during procedure. The results of the check-up reveal on the same day and the follow-up treatments are directly accessible after the screening.
  • Due to the policy of Korean government, every Korean should get annual medical check-ups with their national health insurance system. So that Korean hospitals could have lots of experiences and expertise on medical examinations.
  • There are 27 hospitals which have received JCI certification in Korea currently.
  • Gynecology examination includes connection with various programs such as dietary programs and stem cell treatments. The procedures can be requested directly after the screening.
Globally competitive medical check-up and
gynecology examination field
  • Continuous increase of foreign patients

    39,156 patients in 2017, resulting in a 1.5% decrease compared to the previous year and a 20.2% average annual increase rate

  • High level of medical technology compared to other advanced countries
  • Low medical expenses compared to other advanced countries