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Keywords of Gangwon

Why Gangwon? - Keywords of Gangwon

Nature, Leisure, Healing, and the Olympics


Gangwon-do, a clean area that is full of ancient mysteries. Gangwon-do is located in the eastern central part of the Korean Peninsula. It boasts the clean beauty of Mother Nature with
mountains and valleys, rivers and ponds created by nature’s wonder and the dazzling blue East Sea and provides the peninsula with fresh air.


Gangwon-do offers endless delights.In Gangwon-do there is the nation’s largest resort complex, which is connected to many tourist
attractions, golf courses and ski slopes near the East Sea and lots of mountains, so visitors can
enjoy various leports all year round and visit the filming locations of many Korean movies and TV
dramas shot in the beautiful natural setting of Gangwon-do.

In addition, many festivals such as the Jeongseon Arirang Festival, Gangneung Danoje Festival and Pyeongchang Music Festival offer opportunities for people to enjoy time-honored traditions and
a romantic culture. With well-prepared leisure facilities and rest areas, patients and their families will be able to spend a comfortable, pleasant time here.


Gangwon-do has started a beautiful healing-medical culture. Gangwon-do’s medical tourism is based on an excellent medical and healing therapy infrastructure. Gangwon-do ensures that the best medical teams and therapists will protect your health.
In particular, joint treatment with oriental and Western medicine, general physical checkups, and medical services that specialize
in certain divisions of spondyloarthritis, gastroenterology, and cardiovascular are provided, and a high level of healing and
wellness services to fundamentally improve health by the promotion of general health, change of lifestyle, improvement of atopic disease and physical constitution, and spa therapy will be provided.


Gangwon-do, where the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics will be held, is introducing a broad range of medical tourism
products on account of the event. In particular, it will provide various services including general physical checkups and
rehabilitation and recuperation programs to take care of the foreign athletes and staff.