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Keywords of Daejeon

Why Daejeon?


Medical hub Daejeon provides high-quality medical services! In Daedeok Innopolis (formerly Daedeok Science Town), there are various biopharmaceutical research institutions that ensure high-quality medical standards supported by excellent medical-related R&D results; 30 government-funded research institutes,
20,000+ researchers who have master’s or doctorate degrees, 60,000 domestic patents and 7,000 overseas patents. There are
eight general hospitals, over 2,000 medical institutions, and over 9,000 medical workers to provide quality medical services at
70-80% of capital area fees.

Daejeon, a cutting-edge medical and tourist city

A new mecca of medical tourism mingled with medical service and science

  • Abundant medical resourcesEight general hospitals / 2,000+ medical institutions / 9,000 + healthcare workers
  • Optimal environment for medical tourismFast diagnosis / efficient treatment / reasonable medical fees
  • Advanced science and medical cityA center for science / Daedeok Innopolis / embracing state-of-the-art technology in medical care
  • Wellness and Health CityYuseong Hot Springs / Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail / Hanbat Arboretum / Daecheongho Lake Trail


  • Daejeon, a cutting-edge medical and tourist city
  • Abundant medical resources
  • Optimal environment for medical tourism
  • Advanced science and medical city

Daejeon, the best medical environment

Various medical institutions including JCI-certified hospitals, general hospitals and Oriental medicine clinics → There are a total
of more than 2,000 medical institutions in Daejeon.

Other Medical Care in Seoul
Category Name of medical institutions
General Hospitals(8) Chungnam National University Hospital, Eulji University Hospital, Konyang University
Hospital (JCI), Daejeon Sun Hospital, Yuseong Sun Hospital, Daejeon Hankook
Hospital, The Catholic Univ. of Korea Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital, Veterans Hospital
Medical Examination Sun Health Screening Center (JCI), CMI Health Examination Center, Onnuri Medical
Checkup Center, Good Morning Medical Center,
Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Kimbelle Skin-Plastic Hospital, Plus Surgery Clinic, Doctersmi Plastic Surgery, MJ Dermatologic Clinic Bell-Rajue Women’s Clinic, W Dermatology, The Well Dermatology,
Ophthalmic Clinics Boda Ophthalmic Clinic, Woorie Eye Clinic, Nurieye Ophthalmic Clinic, Eye Love Eye
Center, The Happy Eye, Valued Eye Clinic, etc.
Oriental Medicine Clinics Dunsan Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University, Jaseng Hospital of Korean
Medicine, Dongan Miso
Oriental Medical Clinic, Eileen Oriental Medicine Clinic, Aha Oriental Medicine Clinic,
Nurije Oriental Medicine Clinic, etc.
Dental Clinics Sun Dental Hospital (JCI), Wonkwang Univ. Daejeon Dental Hospital, Ye Dental Clinic
(JCI), EL Dental Hospital, Seha Dental Clinic, UD Dental Clinic, etc.

Daejeon has various tourism resources

In Daejeon, you can enjoy both beautiful nature and advanced scientific techniques.

  • Nature Tour: Hanbat Arboretum, Daecheongho Lake Trail
  • Healing Tour: Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail, Yuseong Hot Springs
  • Science Tour: National Science Museum, Daedeok Innopolis
  • City Tour: Euneungjeongi Street, Jungang Market