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Keywords of Daegu Medical Service

Excellent medical teams and various services


Daegu has the best medical infrastructure in the non-capital regions with five university hospitals, 12 general hospitals, and six medical institutions certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Based on this, the city provides a broad range of services such as one-stop service, transportation support, interpretation, hotel reservations, translation of medical examination results, etc.

  • 우수한 의료 서비스Excellent medical service


    The best medical infrastructure in the non-capital regions with leading university hospitals.
    The lowest medical fees for cancer patients in the seven metropolitan cities.

  • 풍부한 의료 인프라Abundant medical infrastructure


    The largest number of medical schools per population in the nation. Over 10,000 cancer surgeries are performed every year.The utilization of local hospitals is the highest in the nation.

  • 컨시어지서비스Concierge service


    One-stop service from entering to leaving Korea such as airport pickup, reservation priority, and translation services.

  • 의료관광여행사Incentives for medical tourism agencies


    Lodge, transportation and interpretation are supported.

  • 대구의료관광 품질보증 서비스Daegu Medical Tourism warranty service


    Daegu city established and operates Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency for compensation for losses and accidents during medical tourism.

  • 외국인 건강검진 안심보험Insurance for foreign patients


    Plan for the nation’s first insurance for medical tourists only and buying it for the first time in the nation.